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Action script game.

2011-07-27 08:06:55 by noobgamer57

I made a simple helicopter game, more to come and better e677e80996ceecc1256f9f7f01b493


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2011-07-27 13:13:45

very bad you should buy a tablet and learn how to draw better.

noobgamer57 responds:

Thank you for the comment, I will learn from this (:


2011-07-30 11:06:06

Not good as Miha said you should get a tablet. But you should also learn how to use flash to give you great graphics


2011-08-03 16:19:48

To be nice, I don't think you should assume that getting a tablet will solve all of your problems. I draw with the mouse and look at some of my work.


2011-08-31 18:03:25

At least you tried, man! I can't even understand flash. I think you should give it medals!

noobgamer57 responds:

no bad idea